After spending quite a bit of time searching for our next new beginning, I'm thrilled to announce that we finally found a place to call home. Over the last few months we considered so many different options, but ultimately settled on staying close to family right here in Toronto. 

When searching for a new property, there were a few things that were a "must-have", but the top 3 were…

- A specific neighbourhood
- An old home with character
- Lot size (I love a wide lot!)

The funny thing is, this home doesn't quite check all of these boxes.

One night this past summer, we went to see a home in the area that we were originally hoping to buy in. Although the lot size and home weren't what we were looking for, we liked the street and were considering placing an offer. That evening, just as we came home from the showing, Joe saw a house pop up on the market. It wasn't in 'the' area, but we both loved the mature trees, and were intrigued by its location.  Within minutes, I sent Joe to drive by the house, and we asked our agent to see it first thing in the morning. Long story short, we saw it, we loved it and we got it! 

While the home isn't in the neighbourhood we initially considered, we love it SO much; the mature trees that sweep the streets have my heart. The lot is a good size - not quite as wide as I had hoped, but I can already envision all that can be done here. And although the home is old, and appears to have character, unfortunately most of it isn't worth salvaging like we had originally hoped (cue another home build!).

We're already in the planning stages with our Architect/ Project Manager, Nick from Nobility Homes, and I'm having so much fun - I feel like I'm right back in my element! I'm looking forward to sharing the whole process with you and taking you along for the ride.

Stay tuned for more updates!