Now that I've shared our news, I feel like I can finally breathe (I was so careful not to spill the beans before!) and start sharing the process with you guys. So let's get started with step 1 in any home build or renovation - the inspiration! 

The most important thing before you begin the home build process is to get a sense of what you like and dislike. This doesn't mean you must have every finish selected immediately, but rather a general idea of how you envision your future home. The more you can plan ahead, the easier (and quicker) it is. Pinterest and Instagram are a great starting point, however I also love to dive into coffee table books to find my inspiration. I've linked some on my favourites below.

I began dreaming up our next house long before we moved out of our old home - it was like a coping mechanism LOL. Think European Farmhouse meets Southern Charm.

A lot of my inspiration is saved here, but I'll do a deeper dive below into the things that I've given the most thought, such as the exterior and the kitchen. 


Curb appeal is SO important; it's the first impression! Although I loved the facade of our last home (watch the full home tour here), it was the one thing that Joe and I disagreed on during  our last build. We found a middle ground, however there are quite a few things that I didn't get to do, that I now finally have Joe on board with. 

For our next home, we've agreed on painted brick (I know, I know, this is controversial but I'm sticking to my guns), a bit of siding, a cedar roof and copper accents. What I'm most excited for is a massive front porch where I'll hang porch swings and play the Gilmour Girl soundtrack in the fall LOL - jokes aside, I honestly cannot wait for this!

Source: New Old Homes, Patrick J Murphy Builders, Garrett P Nelson Studio


As per the current floor plan (it hasn't been finalized yet), our foyer is quite big and I want it to make a statement. I'm thinking lots of millwork - I love the tongue and groove in the image below - perhaps some stone on the walls, and a statement table. I'm doing my best to incorporate lots of natural/ organic elements in this home. I love a more laidback/lived in aesthetic, and these pieces will add just that to the space. I think we may also have space for a bench in the entry which would be lovely!

raw organic entryway table

Source: Tiek Design Group, Vogue Australia


The heart of the home! Now I don't have all the finishes ironed out just yet, but there are definitely a few things that are on the "must have" list. First things first, the layout. I would like to have the pantry behind the kitchen with two walk ways on either side of the hood vent, similar to the pictures below. The pantry will also be nestled between the garage and the backyard. The idea here is that we'll be able to throw our groceries right into the kitchen when we get home, and to also have direct access from the outdoor kitchen into the pantry (aka I'm trying to keep Joes mess out of the kitchen LOL). I must say this is definitely high on the list of things I'm looking forward to! 

In terms of finishes, I still love a white kitchen with wood tones and a large island. I'm considering unlacquered brass and marble, however I haven't committed to this just yet. I would also like to include wood beams in the ceilings, which I really wanted, but didn't get to do in our last home.

wood and white kitchen

Source: Ausland Interiors, Tiek Design Group, Purple Cherry Architects,

Mudroom & Laundry

For the mudroom and laundry room, I’m trying to be bold but it’s debatable if I can pull through LOL. I would love to try coloured cabinetry, however every time I see a white laundry room my heart skips a beat. White just seems so clean and fresh. One thing I am quite certain I love is a European limestone tile (cue me swooning!). With that said,  I haven’t quite settled on what I want to do in this space but below are some of my favourite saves to date. 

white laundry room

These are the spaces that I have given the most thought to date, likely because we're oh so close to finalizing the main floor floorplan. Once we move onto the second storey I will share my inspo as it comes together. For now you can follow along on Pinterest, which is where I spend most of my time these days. You can also check out the links below to the architects, builders and interior designers that I'm currently loving for inspiration.

  1. Studio McGee
  2. Amber Lewis
  3. Tiek Design Group
  4. Purple Cherry Architects 
  5. New Old Homes
  6. Patrick J Murphy Builders
  7. Garrett P Nelson Studio
  8. Ausland Interiors


What do you think - is my inspo  similar to our old home? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the direction I'm headed in.

Chat soon! Xo


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