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I often get asked what look and feel I'm going for with our new home. If it were up to me we would live in a beautiful modern farmhouse, but when my husband hears those words he cringes [he has no idea!]. The one thing we can both agree on is that we want a traditional home. I'm going for neutral tones [I'm apparently allergic to colour], and I want each space to feel bright and airy. Now, if I could hire Studio McGee, The Fox Group or Jillian Harris to design my home I would [they are my go-to for home inspo], but since that's unfortunately not possible,  I've turned to Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram and just about every house and home magazine out there for inspiration. I should add that we did not hire an interior decorator, it's all me, and I'm VERY excited about it!!! Below I've put together some of my inspo images for the build. You can find tons more on my Pinterest account under TKL HOME BUILD if you're interested.


For the exterior, we're doing a light brick and stone mix, with black windows and doors, similar to the image below. I absolutely LOVE this contrast!


If you know the source, please share so I can provide much deserved credit.[/caption] As I mentioned before, we want a traditional home, so we've opted for a traditional staircase with white oak floors. Just thinking about hanging my Christmas garland on this staircase gives me all the feels!


TKL-STAIRS-FLOORS-INSPO-2 One of my "must haves" for this home was an open to above family room. My architect fought me on this, because it would make the bedrooms smaller, but I'm ok with that. I am SO EXCITED about this space!!!! This is where we spend the most of our time, and I wanted a room that would feel grand, yet cozy.



If you know the source, please share so I can provide much deserved credit

TKL-FAMILY-ROOM-INSPO-3 The kitchen is another space that is oh so important! We're doing a classic white kitchen, with accents of black and natural wood tones (I think!). I can already picture us gathering around the table for family dinner, and it makes me all giddy inside.

TKL-KITCHEN-INSPO-1 Another "must have" for this home was storage. Tons, and tons of storage!  A pantry, mudroom and laundry room are all things we didn't have in our previous home, so this might be the thing the clean freak in me is MOST excited about [but I also seem to say that about everything LOL].


TKL-MUDROOM-INSPO-1 Our bathrooms won't be very big [thanks to my family room wishes], however I wanted them to also be light and airy, but with a touch of boldness. As for the master bath, I want to feel like I'm walking into a little spa every morning [the screaming toddler is something I ignore when dreaming of this vision LOL].


TKL-BATH-INSPO-1 To every rule there is always an exception, and in this house it's the playroom. While the rest of the home will be quite neutral, I want Stella's play space to be bright and creative. I want it to be a space she's excited about! We will also be hanging the swing from her nursery in this room; I love any piece of furniture that can be suspended from the ceiling.



Lastly, our backyard. Our patio is right off the family room and I would like it to be an extension of this space. I want it to be cozy, yet functional, a place where I can curl up with a book, and where we can also entertain all our family and friends.

TKL-BACKYARD-INSPO-1 Now if only I can make these pictures become a reality!  I'm so excited to share this project with you, and will keep you posted on the progress. So much has already changed since I first shared our news with you in my We're Building a Home post.  Stay tuned!

XO Caroline