We’re building our dream home EEEEEEK!!! I’m SO excited to share this news with you, since the last few months I essentially live, sleep and breathe home build. Here's an overview of what’s been going on to date. My husband and I bought a house about 5 years ago, in an area that we both loved! It was an old bungalow that needed some love, but it was the first home either of us had ever purchased, so needless to say we were both over the moon. My husband proposed shortly after, and the wedding followed a year later. Our plan was to rent the house for a year, renovate and then move in after the wedding. This quickly changed when we realized we had the BEST tenant ever , and the extra income wasn’t so bad either. So, we purchased a smaller house in an up and coming neighbourhood, and called this place home for the next 2.5 years. Last fall our tenant announced that he would be moving out in the new year, so we decided to make some moves. We put our house up for sale, got an architect, moved in with my parents, and VOILA! What started off as a reno, turned into an extension, which then grew into a full blown home build. We broke ground a few weeks ago, and we're about a week away from framing to begin. We're SO EXCITED about this! I’m truly passionate about all things home build, and home décor, so I'll be sharing updates along the way and documenting the process to the best of my ability. You'll also be able to follow along on Insta using the hashtag #TKLHomeBuild. XO Caroline