I can’t believe we're pretty much half way to meeting our sweet little baby Serpe!! I’m currently 22 weeks along, and besides some occasional ligament and pelvic pain I’m feeling great. In the past few weeks we've had our 20-week anatomy scan, as well as an additional ultrasound on the heart, and our midwife has confirmed everything looks great .

My pregnancy thus far has been pretty similar to my first , with the exception of having a toddler side-kick keeping me busy and testing my patience. I'm A LOT less patient than I use to be and I'm debating if it's pregnancy or toddlerhood that's the culprit. With both pregnancies I didn't have any cravings , however once I eat something salty, I immediately need something sweet, and then something salty again; its a vicious cycle! What's funny, is that with both pregnancies I reach a point where mama wants a vodka soda, and a trip to Vegas LOL! Clearly this isn't going down, and the feeling quickly dies at 7 PM when I want nothing but a hot tea, and a bubble bath.

With my first pregnancy I found that I was pretty calm, and this time I feel even more at ease. When others find out it’s my second pregnancy it seems like they feel the same. I went for a prenatal massage, and when the masseuse discovered it was my second go, she breathed a sigh of relief, because I "know how it goes”, and it’s true! Something about doing this a second time makes you feel like it’s routine and you’ve been doing it your whole life LOL. I think what helps keeps me sane is staying active. With Stella I worked out until the week before my due date, and I plan to do the same now. I'm currently doing prenatal yoga, and pilates. It's the perfect mama break!

What’s a bit strange for me is that by this time during my first pregnancy the nursery was in progress, the baby registry had been started, and I was buying cute little outfits every other day. This pregnancy, since we’re currently living with my parents, there is no nursery to decorate and we pretty much have everything we need from Stella, including a ton of neutral outfits . Since there isn’t much planning to do, I spend my time overthinking how we will function as a family of 4 - let me tell you, pregnancy hormones combined with mom guilt are one insane combo!!! I often cry thinking how Stella will adjust to all of this. We’ve been talking about baby a ton, she loves checking on my belly and she gives my tummy kisses, which completely melts my heart. I clearly need to chill, and know she'll do just fine!!

Although I do have some anxieties about how Stella will adjust to being a big sister, I am REALLY looking forward to newborn snuggles, and getting settled into a life with TWO babes!!!