Truth be told, I didn't give the pantry too much thought when we were building our home. I was overwhelmed with other decisions, so I put this on the back burner. My pantry in our previous home consisted of a small cupboard, so anything larger than that was a huge win for me. I would've loved to have our kitchen cabinetry continue into our pantry, but since this didn't work within our budget, we opted for basic shelving.

One thing that was a must for me in this space was a second fridge. If you're currently designing your pantry, and you have the space, it's something I highly recommend. It's great for overflow, especially if you buy in bulk (oh hey Costco!), and things you don't use often. We chose a Fisher and Paykel fridge. I liked that it's compact, and of course, that it's white! For the shelf above the fridge I opted for functionality vs. aesthetic. This is where I store appliances that I don't use daily but still want easy access to.

When I began organizing this space, I wanted it to feel like a grocery store, where any of us can pop in at any time and effortlesly grab a snack or whatever we need to prep a meal. This is why most of the items are stored in clear containers, or wire baskets for visibility. I also wanted to easily see what we have and what we need.

The thought process behind the shelving was as follows:

  • Lower Shelves: things easily accessible by the kids, such as healthy snacks and fruit, as well as additional produce in the back (onions, potatoes etc).
  • Middle Shelves: items we use often such as pasta, grains, and cereal
  • Top Shelves: overflow and storage. On the very top shelf I stored our picnic basket, cake stand, vases, and other large items that I typically only use when entertaining.

I opted for the OXO POP containers. I bought 2 sets from Costco (they have these online, but I got a larger set in store), and then purchased additional sizes on Amazon and at HomeSense. I like using the same containers to keep things uniform, and removing packaging on items I use often helps to cut clutter.

I didn't like the OXO cereal containers, so I opted for these instead, and I love them. I found these easier to use with one hand, which is a must for me since I typically have a baby in tow. I also grabbed these boxes, which I use in the large wicker baskets to keep our snacks organized.

One of my favourite containers in this space is the turntable, which we use for our snack pouches. I love that I can sort them by flavour and easily see when we need to purchase more. These would be great for granola bars, or really any other snack as well.

Wicker: I LOVE my wicker baskets on wheels! I like that they can be easily moved, especially for Stella since this is where I keep most of her beloved snacks. Mine are from HomeSense, and I still need one more (to store the paper towel that's stashed in the corner LOL), but I couldn't continue my hunt due to the lockdown. I did find similar ones here and here, however I'm hopeful that I'll find the matching one once stores reopen. The other basket holds items such as chips, and popcorn, which can look cluttered on a shelf.

The baskets on the top shelf are used for overflow and things that I don't use regularly.

Wire: For items that I don't keep in containers I used wire baskets to keep things categorized and organized. A few, such as the one labeled "baking", are created with the intent of grabbing a basket and bringing it into the kitchen to use. I also used a few on the bottom shelf for fruit, onions, potatoes and such. These are all from HomeSense, but I've linked a similar style here.

Another thing I like to do to keep things uniform (and fresh), is use cute matching clips to keep opened bags sealed. I purchased these from Zara Home and I'm very happy with them.

Last, and most definitely not least, my favourite piece in the space, my George and Willy Studio Roller. I like that it's functional - this is where I jot down our grocery list - and very aesthetically pleasing.

If you're organizing your pantry I would start by clearing everything out and organizing your items into categories. I would then experiment with a variety of baskets and bins. It's nice to have options on hand to play with and see what functions best in your space.

What pantry tips and tricks do you have? I would love to hear. Happy Organizing!