Our little lady is crazy about dogs, so it was only fitting that her birthday party was all about her fav four leggeed fur friends. We kept things pretty simple this year, because we have SO much going on, however I wanted the decor to be something she would be excited about. This meant balloons, cupcakes, cookies and of course, lots of paws!

I've wanted to make a balloon garland for quite some time, but to be honest I was a bit intimidated by it. I really don't know why, because it was super easy and only cost me $30! Blowing up the balloons took the most time, but luckily I had a crew for this! Once the balloons were blown up I took a needle and thread, and wove each balloon through in a pattern - paw, white, black, repeat. Once I had the length I wanted, I hung the garland and filled in the holes with smaller white and black balloons. I attached the garland to a curtain rod, however if I didn't have one handy I would've used command strips. I designed the poster that hung above the sweet table on Vistaprint. Typically I design these ahead of time, and wait for a sale before I order. This one was 36"x48". All in all these two items took a bit of extra love, but it was definitely worth it seeing how excited Stella was when she saw everything put together!

Now for the cutest and sweetest, the dessert table! The cake was made by my Babcia, and the cookies and cupcakes were made by Honeydoll Bakehouse. Not only does she make thee cutest treats, they taste oh so good! I also added some popcorn and pretzels to the mix, since their Stella's fav. The little tags that I created for all the sweets were just made on my computer and printed at home - pup corn, fetch sticks, pup cakes, and puppy chow!

Lastly, all the kiddos went home with their very own puppy from the Puppy Adoption Centre. The puppies came in their own "crate", which I purchased at Creative Bags, and each child was able to make them a collar with their pups name [so cute, right?!]. The "crate" also included a little book and stickers.

Overall, the puppy paw-ty was SO much fun, and most importantly Stella had the BEST time.


Sweet table display