I am SO EXCITED to finally announce that I will be launching a home store!!! This has been something I've been dreaming up for years, and I can't believe it's actually coming to life!

When I pictured myself owning a home store, I envisioned a picturesque brick and mortar store front, with dreamy in-store displays. As you and your girlfriends peruse the aisles, sipping your hot coffees, you'll be filled with all the warm and cozy feels. Doesn't that sound lovely? LOL Although this would be a dream, and never say never, at the moment Top Knot Living is online, in a cozy little corner of the Internet.


How the Top Knot Living Home Store Started

Although owning a home goods store was something I've wanted to do for what seems like forever, I decided to go for it back in March. The world went into lockdown (see you never, HomeSense!) and we were getting closer to moving into our new home. While browsing online for home decor there were pieces I wanted so badly, but they were either unavailable or they carried a heavy price tag. Now don't get me wrong, I love mixing high and low items within my home, but when it come to accent pieces, I like items that are well made, and well priced. SO, long story short, I did some digging and Top Knot Living became a home store.

What to Expect in the Store

The most asked question I've received is what can customers (eeeek! I can't believe Im going to have customers) expect? Well, the cutest home decor pieces ever, obviously LOL. Currently we have 4 categories: bath, decor, pillows & throws, and seasonal decor. There will also be a lifestyle category coming soon, however it will launch a few weeks after the store opens. This category includes custom locally handmade items, which are unfortunately delayed, but I promise, they're worth the wait!! The other items are sourced from Canadian wholesalers who focus on handmade, sustainable, and ethical goods. The first collection isn't big, but it's SO pretty, and I can't wait for you to see it! I hand selected, love and own each and every piece. Everything in the current collection is priced under $200, however majority of the pieces are priced below $100.

My hope is that the categories will grow and expand to include a larger selection of curated and handmade pieces for your home and lifestyle. I would LOVE to include a kids home decor category, a kitchen category, as well as some baskets and many others, however it's all a work in progress.I'm taking it one step at a time, so please be patient with me as I navigate this new and exciting space!

Mark Your Calendars!!!

The Top Knot Living home store officially opens on October 2nd! If you'd like first dibs, and be the first to shop, make sure to subscribe to the TKL Family. Members will receive an exclusive code to shop on October 1st!! As I mentioned, the collection isn't very big, so make sure you don't miss out! Until then, follow along @topknotliving.shop on Instagram to get a sneak peak of the collection!! I'll be previewing a variety pieces every day this week, starting today!


I am BEYOND appreciative and very grateful for all of YOU! Thank you SO MUCH for your ongoing support. It means the world to me!! If you have any other questions, please leave them below.