Adding subtle hints of decor to my home each season brings me so much joy! It’s something my mom did while we were growing up, and it gave me all the festive feels .

Although the girls had fun helping me place (and throw LOL) our dreamy felt pumpkins around the house, they definitely get more excited about Halloween decor. As a compromise I decorated their playroom for Halloween, which I will share next week. After Thanksgiving I will add a few touches of Halloween to my existing fall decor, and I will share that with you once it's done as well.

For our seasonal home decor (with the exception of Christmas, because at Christmas I'm pretty much an elf LOL), I typically do two things: rework existing decor and bring the outdoors in.

Rework Existing Home Decor

Sometimes just moving things around within your home can make a big difference. Although I use these wreaths and wooden beads year round, I love putting them front and centre in the fall. They add great warmth and texture to the space. When paired with a pumpkin (or 3), it creates a pretty, yet subtle fall tablescape.

Another thing that makes a subtle impact in your seasonal home decor is filling decorative vases and bowls, with items that are festive. I added these mini jute pumpkin vase fillers to a wooden bowl in my kitchen and I love how it looks!

Lastly, I like to purchase decor that can be used for different holidays and events. I recently bought this wooden garland and I'm obsessed with it! I'm hoping to use it with my green garland at Christmas as well. The pom pom garland was a quick little DIY that I did, and I love how it turned out. Because it's so neutral, it can be used in the future for holiday, birthdays and so on.

Bring the Outdoors In

For fall decorating, it's so easy to bring the outdoors in! I like to use a variety of dried grass, such as pampas grass, wheat grass or bunny tails. I also play with existing dried greenery by adding festive touches, such as pumpkins, to it. You all know I'm a sucker for a pretty and simple bouquet, so you'll usually find sunflowers displayed in a vase on my island; the cookies next to it don't hurt either LOL.

Lastly, I like to use squash and pumpkins in our decor. They last quite a long time, and can be used later to cook and bake with; it's a win, win!

PS. can you believe the squash next to my books is real?! It's almost too pretty to eat!!

I hope this post helped inspire you to add some subtle touches of fall to your home. If you have any questions, as always, please leave them below.

Happy Decorating!



The Details

Felt pumpkins (coming soon to the Top Knot Living shop)
Wooden bead garland (coming soon to the Top Knot Living shop)
Decorative Wreaths (coming soon to the Top Knot Living shop)
Wood bead garland (similar)
Give Thanks Sign