The day is almost here. I CANNOT believe it! I feel like we just found out we're having a baby, while at the same time this past week I've started to feel huge, and like I've been pregnant forever!

My third trimester has been pretty similar to the second, with a few more aches and pains. There have been days where my pelvic pain has been unbearable. I've been seeing a chiropractor and started wearing my belly band religiously [both have helped A LOT], however once I get it under control, my SI joint and piriformis (all new words to me thanks to my chiropractor LOL) start to bother me. Because of all these fun little things, I'm having some trouble sleeping, but that's what nap time is for! Luckily these pains come and go, and I'm at my worst 3-4 days at a time, with a bit of a break in-between.

I'm still craving sweets, however not as much as before. Nowadays, I just want water...SO much water! I drink a lot to begin with, but the past few weeks I feel like babe could go deep diving in my belly with how much I've been consuming. Is that normal?

I've also now taken all of our baby stuff out of storage. It's brought back SO many memories, which I feel like we made about 5 minutes ago [time please slow down!!]. All the itty bitty baby clothes have been sorted, washed and folded. I've also donated a bunch, and bought a few things here and there, but I'm keeping my shopping to a minimum since we don't know what we're having.

My anxieties about Stella becoming a big sister have pretty much gone away. She's more obsessed with her dollies and other babies than ever before, and I swear it's God's way of showing me everything is going to be just fine. Now, I occasionally get anxious about labour and delivery. With that I just try and remind myself that I've done it before, and I was willing to do it again without hesitation. If I could handle 22 hours of labour once, I can do it again. Plus, the second time has got to be quicker and easier, right? If you disagree, please don't tell me LOL.

Aches, pains, baby prep and anxieties aside, what occupies most of my headspace is that we're just 6 weeks away from meeting the newest addition to our little family. I can't wait to hold him or her for the very first time, or hear my husband yell boy or a girl in the delivery room! Remembering all these moments from the first time around gives me all the feels!!! I cry happy tears thinking about it. Having a family has been something I've dreamed of for what seems like forever, and although we've been a family for a while, seeing our little crew grow makes my heart the happiest.

For any mama's trying to conceive, I'm sending all the pregnancy dust your way. If you're currently pregnant, feeling all the millions of emotions, it's normal and I promise it's all worth it. And if you're patiently awaiting your due date like myself, good luck mama! If I can do it, you've definitely got this. Thank you to everyone who has showed our family so much love and support throughout this time. You guys have made us feel so special, and we're truly grateful.

I can't wait to write our next update, which will be all about the fourth trimester and our new little babe!!