If you haven’t already noticed, I LOVE organizing every inch of our home, and the spice drawer is no exception. Organizing this tiny space was quite simple, a little time consuming, and very satisfying.

What you’ll need:
- spice jars (I had bought 6 oz but they sold out. 4 oz and 8 oz are available)
- labels (mine are 2.8" square white)
- funnel (some spice jar sets come with a funnel)
- patience

Step 1: Empty the drawer and wipe it down

Step 2: Throw out expired spices (yes, spices expire!) and dispose or donate what you don't use

Step 3: Peel the label off the sheet and stick it to the jar - this is where you’ll need patience (and in my case, lots of it!)

Luckily these labels peel off easily without damage (if you're careful) should you need to move things around. I tried a few different methods to ensure they were even, but at the end of it all I simply eyeballed it. I also let a bit of my perfectionism go, which then made everything run much smoother LOL

Step 4: Use your funnel to transfer your spices into your new spice jar

Step 5: Admire how cute they look!

***Pro Tip: order more spice jars than you think you'll need (you can always return them). I didn't order enough and they no longer have my size anywhere. So now, I need to order a different size or wait patiently until they restock so I can finish my little project (le sigh)

Hope this helps inspire you to get organized!