If I had to pick a favourite closet in my house, it would be the linen closet. I feel like every time I swing open the doors, I get a nice big whiff of freshness LOL. This could also be because I love to use an all natural lavender cleaning spray when dusting the shelves. Anything that smells like lavender brings me so much joy!

Below I've shared exactly how I like to organize this space, so that everything stays in line well after some wear and tear, because we all know nothing stays looking this pretty after being in use for a few weeks.

  1. The top shelf is where I keep my spare pillows, because it's harder to reach, and these aren't used very often.
  2. Here I use large weave cube baskets to store items that we buy in bulk. Two of the baskets are dedicated to extra toothpaste, shampoo etc, that my husband and I use. One basket is dedicated to the kids overflow items, such as wipes, and diaper cream, and the last basket is used for travel essentials, such as samples of lotion, shampoo and such. I also use one of these baskets in the corner on the floor (not pictured) to store our toilet paper.
  3. On this shelf I used glass jars next to our bath mats, for our Q-tips and cotton pads. Although these could also be stored in the baskets above, I think they add a pretty touch if you have the space, and it's also nice to see when we're running low on these essentials.
  4. This little box that says "OUCH" is from HomeSense, and I think it's so cute! It's what we use as our first aid kit. I found a similar one here in case you don't have any luck in store.
  5. On these two shelves we store our towels. The upper shelf is used for bath towels and the lower shelf is used for beach and pool towels. The adult towels are folded to the left and kids towels are to the right.
  6. I initially only purchased 2 of these rope baskets but then I kept buying more, because I love them so much! They're flexible, so it's easy to take things in and out of, and they can store quite a bit. Here we keep our face and hand towels since they're smaller and easily get messy on a shelf. They also house our table cloths, decorative and seasonal pillow cases, as well as other one off items.
  7. These baskets on castors are another HomeSense find that I'm SO happy with. Here we store our bedding - sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases. One holds the girls bedding and the other is for ours. They work really well because you can easily slide them out, and the lid keeps everything in check, especially those fitted sheets that are next to impossible to fold!

*Updated: If you were brought here via my Instagram feed, the updated linen closet image featured clear stackable boxes. These are the same bins in white.

I hope this inspired you to get started on organizing your linen closet. Let me know below if there is anything that's a must have for you when organizing yours, or if you have any questions!