Window treatments make a big statement in a home, and they're often not given the attention they deserve. Not only are they functional, but they provide so much warmth and texture to a space. When designing our home I wanted to invest in custom window treatments for the first time, and now that I have them, I'm never turning back.

We worked with Sun-Brite Drapery for all the window coverings in our home. They made the process, from ordering to installation effortless, which was a relief since it can be quite overwhelming! I'm excited to partner with them now, to share why I recommend custom window coverings. I'll also give you all the information you need on the window treatments we selected for our home.

3 Reasons to Choose Custom Window Treatments

1. Perfect Fit

When choosing custom window coverings, you can ensure that your window treatments are the right fit. Not only will they be the perfect size, working with professionals will also take away the guesswork during installation - hardware placement can be tricky!

2. Flexibility

There are tons of options when selecting window treatments - from colours, fabrics, hardware, pleats, and so much more! All of these little details add depth and dimension to a space, and make a big impact on the overall flow and design of a home. There are also so many functional options available in custom window coverings, such as privacy linings, and motorization. I think it's so cool that window coverings can now be part of your smart home!

3. Quality

Now that I have experienced the look and feel of custom window treatments, I truly believe they are worth the investment. Sun-Brite exceeded my expectations with their quality from ordering to installation. They help ensure that you select the right fabrics for your space and your lifestyle (cue children with sticky hands that touch everything), and their installation team ensured that everything was hung perfectly.

Tip For Selecting Window Treatments

My number one tip when selecting window treatments is to consider function before design. Think about the space and how you will use it - do you require black out drapes or shades? Do you require privacy? Will they be closed most of the day? In hard to reach areas, motorized coverings may work best, and so on. Once you nail down the functionality, then move on to the fun stuff, the design!

When selecting colours and fabrics, consider your lifestyle - for example easy to clean fabrics might be a better option when living with small children. Also keep in mind the other colours and textures in your space, as well as the overall look and feel you're after. Below are a just few things we considered when working with Sun-Brite on our custom window treatments.

A lot of thought when into the roller shades in our kitchen. Our dining nook windows are near and dear to our hearts, so we wanted something that wouldn't compromise their aesthetic. With that said, we also wanted privacy and something that allowed for light to shine through when closed. Simple, right? LOL We selected the fabric and colour quite quickly, but the casing had me up at night - I didn't want it to stick out like a sore thumb! Sun-Brite suggested a black casing to match the frame of the window, and I'm so happy with how it turned out. When the rollers are up, they blend in seamlessly.

Another area where I had some trouble was Chloe's bedroom. I wanted a white roman shade, but it needed to be blackout. The shade on it's own didn't make the room dark enough, so Sun-Brite mounted a black out roller on the inside of the frame. It's tucked away so you can't see it, and makes it dark enough for Coco to get her beauty sleep.

custom motorized roller shades
Hunter Douglas Designer Roller, Motorized

The Window Treatments in Our Home

In an effort to make your life a little easier, I've included everything you need to know about the window treatments in our home below. Of course no home is the same, and yours may suit something completely different than ours, however I think it can be helpful to have a starting point!


Brand: Hunter Douglas
Type: Designer Roller, Motorized, Powerview
Fabric: Graize
Colour: Pignoli

Dining Room

Type: Custom Drapery by Sun-Brite Drapery
Fabric: Millenium
Colour: Mellow


Type: Custom Drapery by Sun-Brite Drapery
Fabric: Equus Fabrics
Colour: Tuscan White

Master Bedroom

Style: Custom Drapery by Sun-Brite Drapery
Fabric: Alendel
Colour: Peek Cotton

Master Bathroom

Style: Custom Roman Shade by Sun-Brite Drapery
Fabric: Unique Fine Fabrics in Dimensions
Colour: Delicate

Chloe's Bedroom

Type: Custom Roman Shades by Sun-Brite Drapery + Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades
Fabric: Sewickley
Colour: Blizzard

Guest Room

Type: Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Wood Literise
Style: Roman Waterfall Style
Fabric: Calliope
Colour: Santorini

Guest Room Bathroom

Type: Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Wood Literise
Style: Roman Waterfall Style
Fabric: Cambria
Colour: Garden Path


Type: Hunter Douglas Banded Shades
Fabric: Olivia Light Filtering
Colour: China White


Style: Shade-O-Matic grandeur shutters with frames

custom drapery hardware in gold
Custom Fitted Hardware by Sun-Brite Drapery
custom drapery in dining room
Custom Drapery by Sun-Brite Drapery

I hope this post helps answer some of your questions regarding the window coverings in our home. I believe that when you have the right custom window treatments, which are made to perfectly fit your space the results are so much better than what you might get with a premade product.

If you’re designing a home or looking to update your window coverings, be sure to check out Sun-Brite Drapery and as always, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.