Everyone has an infamous junk drawer in their home that houses just about everything that doesn't have a place of its own. In our home, our kitchen desk drawer quickly became the designated junk drawer. It was eventually was so full of sh*t, that you could barely open or close it without force. It houses batteries, cords, instruction manuals, label makers, pens and just about anything and everything else. I wish I had taken a before picture, because it was bad!

How to Organize your Junk Drawer

  1. Remove everything from the drawer
  2. Throw away/ donate all the actual "junk"
  3. Organize the remaining "junk" into like piles (i.e. batteries, cords, writing utensils etc) and see what is actually needed in the drawer
  4. Buy drawer organizers to fit the drawer - this is the secret ingredient!
  5. Put everything back into the drawer ensuring that every pile has it's own slot

And just like that you'll have an organized junk drawer, forever!

The Secret Ingredient

Using drawer organizers makes it impossible for the junk to pile up again post-org. Each time you open the drawer it'll force you to put your items into a slot, otherwise the drawer won't close no matter how hard you try. The organizers/ slots are also typically quite narrow, so it's difficult to throw things where they don't belong, because again, the drawer won't close.

My favourite drawer organizers are ones that have an interlocking system so that you can customize them to fit your drawer. I bought 2 packs of these and then I filled the gap additional pieces.

My Junk Drawer

Everyone keeps different things in their junk drawer, but here is a closer look at mine. The things in here are what we use most often. Everything else was moved to other places in the house, mostly the garage or the office. On my desk I also have a container for my essential oils, and a paper organizer where we keep mail and other important paperwork.

Junk drawer organization

I hope this inspires you to declutter and get organized. Once you're done and would like to start another project, check out my spice drawer organization post.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments below.