Since Stella was born, we've always had a children's library/ book wall in our home, no matter how big or small. I also scatter books throughout the house and in their bedrooms to encourage the girls to look through them at any point in time, but our favs remain on the library wall!

When it comes to our book wall I like to switch things up depending on the season and/ or holiday. I thought it would be fun to share this with you, and show you the books that we're currently loving! Typically the library wall gets an update in the fall for Thanksgiving and Halloween, as well as at Christmas, Valentine's Day, and in the Spring for Easter. Now that Stella has started school, I've added a back to school edition to the mix.

children's library book wall

How it Works

I keep books that are specific to a season or holiday stored in our storage room. Once it's time to update the wall, I remove all of our current books, add the seasonal books, and then fill the gaps with our "everyday books" that could also pertain to the season. For example, you can make books on kindness work for just about anything! Then I add some cute decor to make things festive. I kept the back to school edition quite simple, since it was a bit of a last minute idea, however our other book walls are much more fun!!!

Below is a list of all the books that we're currently loving as part of our Children's Library Wall, Back to School Edition. The list includes books about what to expect at school, educational books, such as The First Big Book of Why, as well as books that discuss emotions, professions, and kindness. Currently How Full is Your Bucket and The Berenstain Bears Go to School are #1 on Stella's list.

The books below and more can also be found here.