Welcome to a brand new season (my favourite one!), and a brand new box reveal! Incase you're new here, this is The TKL Box Blog, where you'll find styling ideas for pieces in The TKL Box, as well as past box reveals. Our goal here is to share creative ways you can use the pieces that you received in your box. Now, let's jump into The TKL Spring Box 2023! 


The TKL Spring Box Styling Inspiration  

The TKL Spring Box 2023, was curated with the intention of refreshing our homes after a long winter season. In my opinion, there is no place fresher than a clean, and perfectly styled bathroom. Although 'bath' is the theme of the season, my hope is that most of the pieces included in each TKL Box can be used in multiple ways, throughout multiple seasons. 

Wooden Bath Board 

The bath board is where it all started! When I first began curating items for this box, I fell in love with the board, because it was different than most bath trays that I've seen - typically they're metal or bamboo. While it's the perfect bath time accessory, I love to have it styled with a canister of bath salts (or my new bath bomb) and flowers, while the tub is not in use. If the tub isn't a practical place to use your board, it can be used as a tray to display decor on your vanity, dining table, or kitchen counter. I styled it on my kitchen counter with a vase full of faux florals, a Spring scented candle and snuffer.

bathroom freestanding tub
board styled with jug and faux flowers
board styled with flowers and candle on  kitchen island
Glass Canister

The glass canister is my most used item in The TKL Box, likely because it's so versatile. In the bathroom, it can be filled with cotton pads, q-tips, bath bombs, salts or powders. It can also be used in the kitchen for dried goods, such as oatmeal, or in a coffee or tea station for beans or tea bags. If you're into making your laundry room a pretty place, it would look great filled with detergent and a cute scoop too - be sure to use a wooden or plastic scoop to avoid any chips or damages. 

As you can tell, the glass canister can really be used with just about anything, but personally I love to use it for scrunchies. Not only is this functional, but it looks super cute too! 

bedside table styling
Bath Mat

While there are only so many ways you can use a bath mat, I chose to include it in the box anyhow because there's nothing better than stepping on a cozy mat after a long bath or shower! I also loved it's little saying, because I think we can all use the reminder to take a little more time to ourselves and if I learned anything from my husband, the bathroom is the best place to do it LOL!

me time bath mat
Preserved Eucalyptus Bundle

If you've never hung fresh eucalyptus in your shower, you're about to embark on a whole new shower experience. There's nothing quite like a little aromatherapy to give you that spa-like feel in the comfort of your own home. Eucalyptus can relieve stress and tension, clear congestion, and rejuvenate breathing as the steam from the shower releases the oils within the stems. If cared for correctly, bundles last up to 6 months in the shower. Once their smell diminishes, place them in a vase and use them as decor anywhere in your home.

Waffled Hand Towel

The waffle towel is the perfect upgrade from your regular hand towel. It's generous in size, easily machine washable and designed for no-fuss, daily use. While it can obviously be used in any bathroom (works great in a powder room!), you can swap out your kitchen tea towel, and use the waffle hand towel for a more laidback and effortless look.

waffle towel in kitchen
Big Heart Mug

You know those mugs that just feel good in your hand? Well that's exactly what made me fall in love with the big heart mug. I'm also a sucker for anything with a heart on it, so it was a must the second I laid my eyes on it. I love that it's neutral and can be used in any season. It's also cute enough to use on a kitchen shelfie, or as part of a coffee or tea station. 

mug with white heart
Wooden Heart Tray

The wooden heart tray is the sweetest catch all dish that I ever did see! I love how it looks on our bath board, making it the perfect tray to throw your jewelry on while you soak in the tub; it's also a great addition to your dresser or vanity. Because it's slightly larger than most catch-all trays, it can be used on an entry table for keys and spare change too. Lastly, I love that it's food safe! Use it as a mini charcuterie board, or to simply add a little something special to any ordinary snack. 

wood heart catch all tray
heart charcuterie board
Lolita Bath Bomb

The Lolita bath bomb is from a local shop called A Pleasant Thought. I really liked that they hand make their bath bombs right here in Ontario, and that each one of their boxes include a pleasant thought - it gives me fortune cookie vibes and I'm here for it! Not only is the bath bomb pretty (the dried florals sold me!), it's plant-based with no toxic ingredients, and it doesn't stain the tub! Although mine wasn't left out for very long, because I was VERY excited to use it, the pink colour of the Lolita looks so pretty on a bath board, or in the glass canister, especially during the Spring season. 

lolita bath bomb
Satin TKL Scrunchie

This season I opted for a satin scrunchie, as I thought it went well with the theme of the box. Satin scrunchies are known to not damage your strands, or leave any creases, which is perfect when you need to throw your hair up for a quick bath or shower. When not in use, I love to keep mine in my glass canister, along with the rest of my scrunchie collection. 

tkl satin scrunchie

I hope you found The TKL Spring Box styling tips helpful! As always, I love seeing how you style the pieces in the box in your home, so don't forget to share and tag @thetklshop and @topknotliving. I can't wait to meet you here again in the hot summer sun!