So, picture this: you walk into your laundry room, and instead of feeling like it's just another chore, you're greeted by a space that's as beautiful as it is functional. That's what The 2024 TKL Spring Box is all about. This is the one space that often receives the least amount of design love, and if you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time in the laundry room so it should be pretty.

TKL Spring 2024 Box - Laundry Room

I should confess that my sister actually gave me the idea for this laundry room theme - I’m currently working with her on redoing her laundry room, which I will hopefully share soon!


Heart Wool Balls

These little wool balls from Friendsheep aren't just adorable (the customized brown hearts are my FAV!), they're also super practical. Pop them in your dryer, and not only will your clothes come out softer, but they will also dry faster. Plus, they make for some really pretty decor when showcased in your laundry room.

You can place them in a clear jar on your counter, or in a cute basket - the ones in the box work great! I often have my laundry baskets sitting on my countertop, and I have them tossed in there when not in use.

wool balls TKL Spring 2024 Box

wool balls TKL Spring 2024 Box

Wool balls in basket TKL Spring 2024 box
Custom Rachel McGarry Painting

This might be my favourite piece in the box - a custom Painting by the incredibly talented Rachel McGarry @rachelmadeastudio. I had a specific vision for this painting that brought me back to my trips to Poland as a child and she totally brought that to life! My grandma would dry all of our laundry outside on clothing lines and I used to love running through the sheets (although she didn’t like that so much). Spending my summers at my grandparents farm in Poland are amongst my fondest childhood memories so this piece holds a special place in my heart.

I would recommend framing the print in a frame that suits your home decor. You can then hang it on the wall, or have displayed on a shelf or on your counter to bring some warmth to your laundry room, however don't let the laundry room limit you—this pieces looks just as stunning anywhere in your home. I'd use it to add a fresh spring feel to a bathroom, mudroom, or your kitchen. 

Custom painting TKL Spring box

Custom painting TKL Spring box

Custom painting TKL Spring 2024 box
Custom painting TKL spring 2024 box
Loloi Rug

Now, let's talk rugs. Loloi is one of my favourite brands of rugs and I was REALLY excited to have it in the box. This style is from the Loloi Chris Loves Julia collection - I have been a big fan of their work for a long time! I chose a neutral pattern so it can match any space in your home.

I love using a small rug in my laundry room because it immediately adds warmth to the space, both visually and physically - it's nicer to stand on than cold tile! You can also use it by the kitchen sink, at your bedside, or even as an entry rug. While it’s not quite as absorbent as a bath mat, it can look pretty styled by your tub as well if you opt for style over function. 

To preserve the rugs lifespan and to prevent any rug in your home from slipping, I would recommend an anti-slip underpad.

Loloi rug TKL Spring Box

Loloi rug TKL Spring Box

Set of Baskets 

I adore these baskets for their charming little hook, adding a delightful touch to their design. They can either be hung or placed on the counter, fitting seamlessly into any laundry room setup. Perfect for storing small essentials like dryer balls or serving as decorative accents. You can also fill them with wooden laundry clips or small towels for added charm. Moreover, they're ideal for stashing spare change or any unexpected treasures found in pockets. 

If you'd like to try them elsewhere in your home, they can be used in the mudroom or entryway as a catchall, or even in your closet! 

Hang or place the baskets next to the painting included in the box to create a grouping which adds more texture, compliments the painting and adds an extra layer to the visual appeal of your space.

Custom Painting and basket TKL Spring Box

Custom Painting and basket TKL Spring Box

Fabric Shaver

Okay, so maybe a Fabric Shaver isn't the most glamorous addition to your laundry room and it isn’t exactly home decor, but trust me when I say it's a game-changer. Keep your linens looking fresh and fuzz-free with this handy little gadget. I use my Electrolux Fabric Shaver on my couch, pillows, blankets etc. and of course on my clothes. It’s one of my most used tiny appliances and I was pumped to find such a pretty one for the box!

Fabric Shaver TKL Spring Box

Fabric Shaver TKL Spring Box

Last but not least, our locally made scrunchies. I chose the waffle knit fabric because it just screamed spring cleaning - just throw your hair up, push up those sleeves and get at ‘er! 

scrunchie TKL
Caroline TKL Shop

So there you have it… the TKL Spring Box. Whether you're revamping your laundry room or just looking to add a little extra charm to your space, we've got you covered. Here's to making every corner of your home feel like a breath of fresh air!