Oh am I ever excited about this post! When we first began our build, I knew Stella's big girl room was the first room I wanted to complete, so she could have a dreamy space of her own that made her feel right at home. For those of you that don't know my little miss, she is a calm, cautious, girly, goofy, tutu loving little lady. I wanted her bedroom to be a space that could grow with her, and one that reflects her personality, and I think I accomplished just that!

Stella's name means "star", so when I first saw this wallpaper I knew it was perfect for her. I love that it's neutral, subtle, and calming, all while giving her a little shimmer, which she loves. Most of her furniture is from her nursery, with the exception of her bed. When selecting furniture for our home we invest in classic pieces, that are well made, and that we plan on having for a very long time. I then accessorize with trendier items that I can swap out and move around, guilt free. With that said, I chose to do a daybed with a trundle to give her more space to move and play, while also keeping future sleepovers in mind. Her duvet has a vintage ruffle, which I'm obsessed with, and her sheets are plain white, but SO soft!

The dresser/ bookshelf was previously her change table, however we knew when we purchased it that it could grow with her. I love all of the storage it provides - it even has a built-in hamper! When she gets older, my plan is to replace her baby portrait with a mirror, so she can use this space as a vanity, however I hope that doesn't happen too soon ..time please slow down!

One of my favourite parts of her big girl room is the window seat. Not only do I love a cozy little corner, the idea of her growing into this space, reading stories, or staying up late to chat with her sister makes my heart so happy. There will be so many sweet memories created here.

The tutu clothing rack is Stella's fav, with the gymnastics rings as a close second. In our old home she had a swing in her bedroom, and since that is now in her sisters nursery, I wanted her to have something exciting in her space as well. We chose to mount these rings to encourage her to be a little braver (as I mentioned, she's VERY cautious). So fun, right?

The artwork in her room is from Etsy, and both pieces suit her perfectly. The decor throughout are things that she's been gifted or that we've collected while travelling, and while roaming the aisles of Home Sense LOL. One of my favourite items on her bookshelf is the gold keepsake box that houses her itty bitty baby shoes, which I could've sworn she just wore yesterday!

little girl putting on sparkly shoes

I hope you love this girly big girl room as much as Stella and I do. It was so much fun to put together! I’ve listed all sources below, but if I’m missing anything, please don’t hesitate to comment and ask.



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Ceiling Light
Daybed (similar 1 | 2 | 3)
Side Table
Window Bench Seat (Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry)
Bench Seat Cushion (Sunbrite Drapery)
Clothing Rack (similar)
Roman Shade
Sheepskin (similar)
Pouf (HomeSense) (similar 1 | 2)
Toy Bins/ Hamper
Duvet Cover & Pillows
Mattress & Sheets
Sparkle Throw Pillow
Sequin Star Throw Pillow
Knit Pom Pom Throw Pillows (HomeSense)
Flamingo (similar)
Wooden Pram (similar 1 | 2 | 3)
Gymnastics Rings
Unicorn Head Wall Decor
Dream Catcher (similar)
Ballerina Art Print
Quote Art Print
BFF Picture Frame
Sister Picture Frame
Tutu Dress
Sparkle Shoes
Swan Slippers (Similar 1 | 2)
Baby Monitor