Today marks my 35th trip around the sun ...happy birthday to me!!

With everything that's currently unfolding in my life, this birthday got me thinking about how I got to where I am today. In my early 20s, as I was trying to figure out what I wanted my life to look like, I often entertained thoughts like, "I'd love to go back to school for ____," but dismissed them with the notion that I'd be "too old" to start a career by the time I graduated at 26. Looking back, the idea of 26 being old makes me LOL! Little did I know what the future had in store for me.

At 28, I started Top Knot Living, and began sharing mommy and me outfits. Within a year, I transitioned to creating home content as I shared our first home build, and by 31, I took the leap to open The TKL Shop. A year later, I launched The TKL Box

Looking back on these milestones, I can't help but feel proud of how far I've come. It's a reminder not to limit ourselves with thoughts of being "too old" or believing it's "too late" to pursue our dreams. Just go for it, because you’ll be surprised what the future has in store for you - I can guarantee it has more waiting for you than you can even imagine for yourself in this very moment. 

In the spirit of my birthday, we thought it would be fun if I shared my top picks from The TKL Shop -  what gifts would I want to be given? Well, here they are…

Wooden Heart Candle 

There's something so sweet about our Wooden Heart Candles. First off, they're crafted in these beautiful mango wood vessels, adding a touch of natural elegance to any space. What's even better, is that the vessels can be reused once the candle is done. Oh, and the scent is pure magic! 

Wooden heart candles TKL
Paper Flower 

Who doesn't love getting flowers on their special day? Fresh, or faux, I'm always happier with a pretty bouquet to look at. Our Paper Flowers have this handmade vibe that gives them an artisanal charm - each petal was meticulously crafted with love and care. Faux florals are totally having a moment in home decor right now, and I love that these are a little bit different. 

Purple paper flower

If I had to pick one item that describes my style perfectly it would be our Relic Stoneware Vase. I love that it's classic, and timeless, yet its beauty comes from all the imperfections. It's filled with texture and dimension, and adds a lived in look and feel to your home, which I absolutely love.

Relic stoneware vase TKL
Charcoal Linen Table Runner

The Linen Table Runner is probably the one thing in our home that hasn't been replaced since I first layed it down - it goes with absolutely everything! I love it on it's own, or layered with another lighter weight runner during different seasons. It adds that extra touch of charm to any setting. 

Charcoal linen table runner
Basket Weave Doormat

The perfect welcome home! These door mats are made from natural coir fibre, which is basically coconut husks turned into magic. What drew me to them was just how big they are. They've got this oversized basket weave design that's not only super pretty but functional too - win, win! 

Basket weave doormat TKL

If you'd like to shop my top picks, or anything else that catches your eye, use the code BIRTHDAY10, today only, for an additional 10% off our site-wide moving sale.