Welcome to the next stop on our home tour series - Stella and Chloe's shared bathroom! They both have access to it from their bedrooms and I can already envision all the memories they will make here, especially as they grow older. I have a sister, and although she may disagree, sharing a bathroom with her was SO fun! I hope they can one day appreciate how lucky they are.

I've mentioned this before, when it came to the girls' spaces I wanted them to be fun, and have a pop of colour. When I first spotted the Hygge and West Mermaids wallpaper I fell in LOVE (how could you not?!), and thought it would be perfect for their shared bathroom. I was pregnant with Chloe at the time, and we didn't know the gender, so I impatiently waited, and secretly hoped for a girl (kidding!!), before I finalized this space. It pulls from the golds in Stella's room and the pinks in Chloe's room and ties all 3 spaces together perfectly.

Since the wallpaper is quite intricate, I opted for more subtle tile selections. All the tile in our home is from SS Tile & Stone, located in Etobicoke. They have the most beautiful selection! In the shower we used the Retro White Scallop tile on the walls and a 2x2 square tile for the floor in Quebec Arctic White. The scallop tile looks stunning and reminds me of a mermaid tail! For the bathroom floors we used Quintessenza Frammenti Bianco in a 4x20. I love that it's simple and doesn't draw attention, however because it's a matte finish it easily gets dirty and is difficult to clean.

We purchased all the plumbing fixtures in our home from Tubs and they are Rubinet, which is local to Toronto. I opted for a freestanding tub since the beautifully slopped ceilings are pretty much asking for it and the chandelier is the cherry on top; I'm OBSESSED with it!!. It's not available in Canada, however you can use Cross Border Pickups to get it here. The wall sconce was purchased in store at Living Lighting in Etobicoke.

Last, and most definitely not least, the artwork! I love to add a personal touch to every space (even the bathroom) and artwork is the easiest way to do so. These custom silhouettes are so beautiful, and they'll forever remind me of how little the girls were when we moved into this home.

I hope this bathroom can provide you with inspiration as you decorate, renovate, build or simply just dream! I've linked as much as I could at the bottom of this post, but if there is anything I missed, please let me know below.



girls shared bathroom with mermaid wallpaper
palm leaf chandelier

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