The next stop on our home tour, the Master Bathroom! My little oasis. Truthfully, I had different plans for this space, but the end goal was always the same - create a spa-like space right in our home, which is exactly what it feels like!


The Floors

The first thing that was installed in the bathroom was the tile. As I mentioned before, I had a different vision for the tile, but my husband was set on the look of white marble, so alas, here we are. We settled on a 16" x 48" Newker marble tile in Dynasty Matte from SS Tile & Stone. Although this wasn't my first choice, I do love how it turned out. The space is bright and airy, which is just how I like it. The only downfall of a white tile, is that my long brown hair (which sheds like crazy!), can always be seen and drives me a little nuts, but more about our solution to that later. Lastly, we splurged and added heated floors to all the tile throughout our home and we don't regret it one bit! We opted for a hydronic radiant floor heating system, which runs hot water through pipes to create heat. The system utilizes our boiler, which is energy efficient. Although the upfront cost is more than traditional heated floors, the operating costs are lower.

The Walls

While the heated flooring adds warmth to the space, the marble, although bright, felt a bit cold and sterile at the same time. To "fix" this, we added vertical shiplap to the bathroom walls, and wallpaper to the water closet, and WHAT. A. DIFFERENCE! Wall treatments always transform a space, and their texture instantly creates a cozier atmosphere. I opted for vertical shiplap, because I like how it makes a room appear taller. We also have tons of horizontal shiplap in our family room, so I wanted to do something a little different here. The wallpaper I selected is the Simple Light Peonies from Think Noir Wallpaper in the colour "Moonlight". I love the subtle floral design, and the fact that they could customize the colour to best suit your space. Although the water closet is a small space, it makes an impact in the whole bathroom. My tip of the day - don't neglect the tiny spaces in your home!

The Cabinetry

Next, let's chat about the bathroom vanity. It's a custom vanity by Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry, and I love how classic and timeless it is. I chose lucite hardware that's a bit more modern to contrast it's traditional look and I'm very happy with how it turned out. One of the best things we added to the cabinet base was a toe kick dustpan. It's hidden below the cabinet and you can simply sweep your hair, open the dustpan, and it sucks all the dust and hair right in! It's connected to our central vac and it's what keeps me sane LOL.

The Plumbing Fixtures

If you know me, you know I take my baths very seriously. This little corner of our home is where you'll find my freestanding clawfoot tub , which is my happy place. It's where I unwind at the end of the day, and because my husband never takes baths, I wanted to make it a bit more feminine. I chose the Victoria+Albert Chesire bathtub for her aesthetic and function. It's made from a volcanic limestone which is known to retain heat very well. This means that my baths stay hot longer!

All of the plumbing fixtures in our home are from Tubs. They carry Rubinet, which is a company local to Toronto, that can customize plumbing fixtures in more ways than you can imagine. Although we decided on a traditional polished nickel finish for the faucet and tub filler, the options they have are endless.

The Mirrors, Lighting & Hooks

The Kensington Pivot Mirrors that I selected for the bathroom, were on my radar for months before I ordered them and they're even prettier in person! I love that they're simple, but the wall brackets are what gives them their wow-factor. The sconces in this bathroom were a bit of a challenge. Originally I had hoped to have a light on either side of each mirror, but unfortunately we didn't have the space for it. I opted for a single extra long tube sconce in the middle as a compromise. It's from the Mercer collection at Pottery Barn, which is where we also purchased our towel hooks and toilet paper holder.

The chandelier in the bathroom is vintage. We wanted to incorporate a piece of the home that was originally on this property in our build. I fell in love with this light fixture, which was once hanging in the home owners dining room. It was pretty, and feminine and this corner of the bathroom seemed like the perfect place for it.

The Textiles

The linen roman share in the bathroom is from Sun-Brite Drapery. It's subtle, but I like that it provides privacy, while also allowing light to flow through. The his and hers bath mats are unfortunately no longer available but I linked similar ones below. Lastly, I chose a vintage-style rug for my pretty little corner of the bathroom. Although a rug may not seem practical in a bathroom, this one is machine washable, which works perfectly!

The Decor Accessories

Most of the decor in the bathroom is from my shop - Top Knot Living. I like how the Arabesque Marble Tray creates a space for our most used items, such as cottons pads, q-tips and of course my scrunchies! They're all housed in these glass canisters which both function and look great. Other items that I love in this space are the pretty bath salts, glass bottles that I use to store our mouth wash and shampoo, and the rolled towels next to my tub. All of these little touches are what create a spa-like feel in our bathroom.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my little oasis. I linked all of the sources below, but if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.



his and hers bathroom vanity


bathroom vanity
bathroom vanities
bathroom faucet
body scrub and towels folded in bathtub
walk in shower and wallpaper water closet
floral wallpaper in bathroom water closet
wooden stool next to bathtub on vintage rug
clawfoot tub with wooden stool next to it
vintage gold frames hanging over bathtub
shiplap bathroom walls
Clawfoot bathtub reflection in mirror


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