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Parents and in-laws are so hard to shop for! Unless they tell me exactly what they want (which is rare!), I'm always a little stuck when it comes to their gifts. Throughout the years I've learned one thing, if you're not sure, go the sentimental route. It always works!

This highly requested parents gift guide includes tons of personalized favs that we've personally gifted and our parents have LOVED! The most beloved picks from the list above are the Aura frame, the custom phone cases and the personalized calendar.

The Aura frame not only looks nice for a digital frame (I find some of them aren't so pretty!), it's also SO easy for parents to use (no late night tech support calls to you required LOL). You can set up the frame prior to gifting it, and then upload photos directly from an app on your phone to the frame. You can be on vacation (one can dream!), and send photos to your parents frame back home. How cool is that?!

We gifted my in-laws custom phone cases last year with the kids photos on them, and I've never seen them so excited! There are tons of designs to choose from and you can customize them to say "grandma" and "grandpa" as well, if you have children.

And last but definitely not least, the personalized calendar. We gifted both of our parents these a few years ago and since then, they've requested one each year! We chose this easel calendar since it's small and can fit any space. I then personalize each month with a photo from an event that took place that month (i.e. birthdays, Christmas etc). I must say that after living with my parents, I also loved having it around and may order one for myself this year!

I hope this helps you in shopping for your parents and in-laws! If you have any other great ideas, please leave them below so we can all help each other out!

Happy Shopping!