Designing a space for a boy is a bit foreign to me! I was never into very girly things, but since having a daughter, I've definitely swayed into much more feminine territory - check out my girl nursery inspo post for proof! There was a moment where I couldn't even entertain the idea of having a boy, but this quickly changed. I'm now SO excited about decorating a nursery for a little boy, that I came up with two possible design ideas, and I can't decide which I like better!

Option 1 is a pale blue and white nursery, I'll call this one the "in the clouds" option. Option 2 is a black and white animal theme. The crib and rocking chair will be the same for both, since we already own both of these items. Since the nursery is quite small, once baby transitions into a full sized bed, there will be little to no space for a dresser. With that in mind, I've opted for a more affordable dresser from Ikea for both options. I also found some really pretty knobs at Anthropologie and Zara Home to give the dresser a little facelift.

For option 1 - the "in the clouds" nursery - the wallpaper is subtle but oh so dreamy! The ceilings in the bedroom are slanted, so I think this could look really pretty if it's put on every wall and ceiling in the space. I'm also a sucker for a pretty vintage rug, and I love this one from Zara Home. I think my FAV piece though, is the light fixture - I'm really, really into this blue tasseled pendant! The other super cute decor pieces I picked are the vintage airplanes from RH Baby & Child, that can be hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling, as well as this sweet piece of wall art from Opposite Wall that says "Sh, I'm dreaming", in French. I also think the paper plane crib sheets are adorable for a little boys room!

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Now onto option 2 - the animal themed nursery. My absolute favourite part of this space is the wallpaper. It was the first thing I stumbled upon that got me really excited about designing a space for a boy - it can definitely be used for a girl nursery too, but my girl nursery plans have already been set in stone. Although the pendant light and rug are quite simple, I think they compliment the wallpaper. For this space, I'm also really into all the little decor pieces I found. I think both pieces of wall art from Opposite Wall are really cute, and I'm dying over the whale storage basket from Crate Kids! We already own the paper toy storage bin here>, and I really like it for when baby starts moving, since its easy for them to get things in and out of on their own. Lastly, I've liked this growth chart from Mini Mono for a while, but never had a good place for it, and I think it's the perfect fit for this space!

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Now the though part ! Which one do I go with?! Some of my inspo images from Pinterest are below to help give you a better idea of both designs.

Which one do you like better? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned to see what we decide!