Things I’m Eyeing
For the home: I'm SO excited to decorate the playroom! Thinking this may be the perfect wall decor.
For me: If I was in the market for a designer bag, this little thing would come live with us.
For the family: Is it too early to consider Christmas gifts? Swooning over this for my little ladies.

Things I’m Buying
For the home: There's no tables or chairs for the kitchen, but at least the floor we sit on will be well lit LOL.
For me: Thank God for high waisted pants to hide those postpartum pouches
For the family: Pom pom mail is the best kinda mail. Just got these and they're SO CUTE!

Monday Musings
Home: Pink, peach or white for Chloe's dresser? Her crib is white, and her wallpaper is floral with a bit of both. I keep going back and forth!

Me: I need to go to the gym or get a trainer or something. SOS, someone motivate me! Or just recommend a good trainer in the west end please.

Family: School germs suck. There's been 4 weeks of school and Stella' been sick for 2 of them. Is this our reality till June?