I've decided to start this little series to give you some insight into my daily life - things I'm eyeing, things I'm buying, as well as some of my random, everyday thoughts. After the weekend is usually when I'm done scouring all the websites, and adding to all the carts. It's also when I feel the most motivated - I love the fresh start Monday brings!

Hope you Enjoy!!!

Things I'm Eyeing
For the home: What little girls' (or their moms') fringe dreams are made of
For me: Something to twirl in at Chloe's baptism.
For the family: Is it too soon for Halloween?

Things I'm Buying
For the home: Give me all the pretty vintage florals please!
For me: I've been au natural for a while, but trying something new.
For the family: Pom poms for everyone (well, only just the little ones)!

Monday Musings
Home: Do I keep our wainscotting/ wall panelling simple (shaker style), or should we add some character? I literally have another hour left before I need to decide eeeek!

Me: When does one find time to work out with two little ladies at home? I was FINALLY given the go ahead to start some mild exercise, and I'm a little upset that I no longer have an excuse to be lazy LOL.

Family: How does my 2.5 year old have such a busy schedule?! I'm pretty sure her social life is more exhilerating than mine at the moment.