This blog post is for all the husbands out there. Ladies just forward this right to your man to give him a helping hand, cause the poor guy is scrambling. The stores are closed, and if he just realized Mother's Day is around the corner, there is no way he's meeting the shipping deadlines at this point.

So boys, here is your step by step guide to make this Mother's Day in lockdown a memorable one.

1. Breakfast in Bed or Brunch
Goal: Make sure she's not involved in the making, or the cleaning of this, or any other meal today
Easy way out (cause let's face it, you're looking for one): order breakfast or brunch from a local shop. If you're in the GTA, Yellow Cup Cafe is offering a Mother's Day brunch. Have it delivered (or pick it up), plate it, throw out the packaging, and pour yourself a mimosa for a job well done. Just like that, you've started the day on the right foot!

2. Give mama her alone time
Goal: She loves her kiddos SO much, but distance makes the heart grow fonder (aka mama needs a break)
Easy way out: Strap them into the car, and go for a drive (make it a long one!). Bonus points if you hit up a drive thru and bring home her go-to drink.

3. Don't forget about your mom and mother in law
Goal: Show them some love (obviously!)
Easy way out: Schedule a family zoom call. Alternatively, pick up your wife after your drive with the kids (with that hot beverage we spoke about) and drive by grandmas house to show some love from afar.

4. Be "Mommmmmy"
Goal: Make sure your wife gets that much needed break she needs
Easy way out: I have nothing for you here, cause mom-ing is hard! But let me walk you through this...

Child: "Mommy, I need to pee"
You: "Daddy will take you"

Child: "Mommy, I need a snack"
You: "Daddy will get you something"

Child: "Mommy, mommy, mommy"
You: "Daddy's here!"

See where this is going?

5. Lunch and Dinner
Goal: See point #1
Easy way out: If you're no master chef, don't sweat it! Visit and thank me later. You can place your order online (don't forget to add a bouquet of flowers to your order!) and it will be on your door step the following day. The meal kit includes all the ingredients (portioned), and step by step directions, so there is no messing this up! (Pro tip: use the code TOPKNOTLIVING to get free shipping until May 10)

And there it is gentlemen, your fool proof guide to an epic Mother's Day. Throw in a handmade card from the kids, cause the the teachers won’t be sending anything home this year, and you’re golden. You're welcome!



*This post is not sponsored or endorsed, however PC Chef Meal Kits were gifted to me