Although I already have a little girl, I never had the chance to design a nursery for a baby girl, since we didn't know what we were having. This time around we don't know either, but since we're not moving into our home until after baby is born, there's a chance that I may get to design one now.

With both pregnancies I found myself thinking about what kind of personality my baby will have. I'm picturing baby #2, should it be a girl, to be very girly and bursting with personality - a bubbly little spring baby! With that in mind, I want to design a space that is very feminine, with lots of blooms. The inspiration also stems from this wallpaper from Anewall that I fell in love with a few years ago. I'm 80% sure this is the one I'm going with. If not, it will be another floral find. Since these wallpaper are quite busy, the decor and wall art will be more simple.

Since I'm not sure if Stella will be willing to give up her crib just yet, I will be borrowing my niece's crib, since she no longer uses it, and I've always loved it oh so much! I didn't include a dresser in my inspo below, because I have a vintage piece that I refinished a few years ago, which I would like to use. I plan on painting it white or a very soft pink - stay tuned to see the final product! Lastly, the only other furniture that will fit in the space is a rocking chair, which I will be stealing from Stella's nursery.

As for decor pieces, I'm obsessed with Pehr mobiles. We have one that I could reuse from Stella's nursery, but I'm really tempted to get this one, so we'll see. Once we move in I will play around with wall art and decor, however I love these flowers from Pottery Barn Kids and this piece from Etsy. Lastly, I used this glass box in Stella's room and I plan on doing the same in the baby's room to display her first pair of shoes, or any other newborn keepsakes. I think it looks so pretty on the shelf!

I've linked everything else that I currently have my eye on below, as well as some of the pieces we already own. I've also included some of my inspiration photos from my Pinterest board.

Stay tuned to see the final product .

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